The ultimate
Cloud Gaming Machine

G-cluster offers operators the most deployed white-label cloud gaming platform that allows users to play across the TV and multiple mobile devices. G-cluster instantly turns the TV into the equivalent of a set-top box with portable multi-platform cloud gaming on TV, tablet and PC.

As the preferred cloud gaming solution of the world's leading operators, including Broadmedia Corporation, SFR and Orange, our deployments have proven our technology capable of delivering a reliable high-quality end-user experience at scale, enabling commercial deployment and revenue generation.

G-cluster offers multiple primary screen delivery options as part of a traditional network-based video content offering : as a value add to wireline and wireless high speed data product offerings, or OTT as a stand-alone game product. Games are delivered as low latency, bandwidth efficient variable bit rate MPEG 2, MPEG 4 or H.264 streams to client devices using proven server technology with fully redundant architecture.

With G-cluster you will...
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Increase ARPU/average revenue per user
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Reduce churn
  • Justify high bandwidth subscriptions (fiber, LTE)
  • Have minimal setup, maintenance and operational Expenses
Get your games
In the Cloud

More than 30 major publishers and game studios, including Disney, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Pop Cap, Codemasters, Mumbo Jumbo, Focus, and many more make up G-cluster's largest deployed cloud game catalog.

Cloud gaming gives access to video games to an entire new audience, the casual player. The G-cluster Platform is a great new revenue opportunity for game studios.

With G-cluster, you can reach millions of players who are instantly willing to discover games on their TV, PC or tablet via a cloud service that makes your games very accessible for players.

The G-cluster Content SDK offers an easy way to port your existing Windows games into the G-cluster system and great support for bringing them live.

Get the G-cluster SDK!

About G-cluster
Taro Hashimoto
Erik Piehl
Sami Sallinen
Sevan Kessissian
Paul Nielsen
Ryuichiro Hisamatsu
G-cluster Global Corporation
Global Headquarters serving Japanese and Asian markets
Tokyo, Japan

Oy Gamecluster Ltd.
Finnish subsidiary serving European market
Research and Development Center
Espoo, Finland
Managing Director: Erik Piehl

G-cluster, Inc.
United States subsidiary serving American market
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
President: Erik Piehl

2,674m Yen as Paid-in Capital (January 8, 2014)

Board Members
Taro Hashimoto, Chairman, CEO
Erik Piehl, Representative Director & President
Takeshi Goto, Representative Director
Olivier Kouvarakis, Director
Katsumi Nagata, Director
Jean-François Rodriguez, Director
Sevan Kessissian, Director

Our Investors
Broadmedia Corporation
SFR Développement
NTT Plala
NTT Communications
Atlas Services Belgium
SBI Group
Intel Capital

Founded in 2000, G-cluster Global Corporation is the first, largest, most scalable and proven multi-platform cloud gaming service, available to more than eight million game players worldwide. G-cluster provides a fully-featured white label service offering casual and AAA games playable over broadband networks, regardless of the device used to access the service: TV, tablet, mobile or PC. The company's client base includes Broadmedia Corporation, SFR and Orange, and content partnerships with leading game studios such as Disney, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. G-cluster is headquartered in Tokyo, with offices in Pittsburgh, Penn., Espoo, Finland and Paris.

Taro Hashimoto, Chairman, CEO

As the chairman and CEO of G-cluster Global Corporation, Taro Hashimoto draws upon 18 years in the broadcasting and telecommunications industries and 14 years in finance to lead the first and largest cloud gaming platform from G-cluster. Hashimoto is also the president and CEO of Broadmedia Corporation (JASDAQ : 4347) and has been in these roles since March 2000. He also serves as Chairman of Renaissance Academy Corporation. After working at Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., he joined SOFTBANK Corp. as the head of the corporate investment department in 1996. He served as director of JSkyB from 1997 until 1998, and was chief financial officer of the Japan Digital Broadcasting Services Inc. (now SKY Perfect JSAT Corp.) from 1998 until 2000. Hashimoto graduated from Keio University in Tokyo with a bachelor's degree in economics.

Erik Piehl, President of G-cluster Inc., Managing Director and CTO, Oy Gamecluster Ltd.

Erik Piehl is a 21-year veteran of the technology industry, with expertise in business development, software design and implementation. As co-founder of G-cluster in 2000, Piehl and Sami Sallinen developed core G-cluster technology. Before G-cluster, Erik was VP Business Development at VistaCom, a pioneering videoconferencing technology company in Cupertino, Calif. Erik earned a master's degree in electronics, digital signal processing from Helsinki University of Technology in Finland.

Sami Sallinen, SVP Software Engineering

Sami Sallinen has been with G-cluster for more than 13 years as the SVP of software engineering, developing the core G-cluster technologies and architecture together with Erik Piehl. Previously, Sallinen spent more than seven years at Varian Medical Systems in Espoo, Finland and Palo Alto, Calif., playing various roles in the development of radiation therapy treatment planning and delivery systems and brain surgery technologies. He holds a master's degree in software engineering from the University of Oulu, Finland.

Sevan Kessissian, Director and Senior Vice President of Strategy & Content

Sevan Kessissian is a game industry and innovation expert who pioneered the digital distribution of games on the Internet as the first in Europe to distribute major AAA games. Prior to G-cluster, Sevan was in social network games at ISCool Entertainment. He led the team and content strategy of that went IPO in 2010. Sevan graduated from ISC Paris Business School, with a major in international business, and is a frequent speaker at industry events including Casual Connect Seattle, IDATE digiworld Summit Montpellier, Cloud Gaming Summit London and Insead MBA international program.

Paul Nielsen, Senior Vice President / GM, North American Operations

Paul brings more than 18 years of experience in the CATV and service provider industry to G-cluster. Previously, Paul was vice president of sales at SeaWell Network's Worldwide Sales and field operations. the Regional Vice President of Sales for Verivue, Inc., and was responsible for sales of Verivue's CDN platform to the North American service providers. Prior to Verivue, Inc., Paul was the Senior Vice President of Distribution for PlayDayTV, and was responsible for carriage of PlayDayTV's interactive Casual Games channel for the CATV market, Prior to PlayDayTV Paul spent over 12 years at SeaChange International, the industry pioneer in digital ad-insertion and interactive applications such as VOD where Paul held several management roles from the Americas to Asia Pacific. He holds a bachelor's degree in liberal studies from the University of Massachusetts.

Ryuichiro Hisamatsu, Senior Vice President Japan/Asia Business Management

Since April 2011, Ryuichiro Hisamatsu has served as senior vice president of Japan/Asia business management at G-cluster Global Corporation. Hisamatsu brings more than 18 years in the consumer electronics industry and 7 years in content distribution to G-cluster, with a specialty in business development. Hisamatsu also serves as executive director of Broadmedia Corporation. Prior to joining Broadmedia, he was executive vice president at Actvila Corporation, a TV portal service, and vice president at So-net Entertainment Corporation. He began his career with 17 years at Sony Corporation as general manager. Hisamatsu received a degree in astrophysics from the Department of Astronomy from Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.

our history
2013 Game-on-Demand service launched for NTT Plala and Broadmedia.
2012 Game-on-Demand service launched for Orange.
2010 G-cluster technology licensed to T's TV, a TV-based VOD service operated by Broadmedia and Game-on-Demand service launched for SFR.
2008 Broadmedia spins off game business and launches as separate company. Oy Gamecluster becomes wholly-owned subsidiary of G-cluster Global Corporation.
2005 Oy Gamecluster becomes subsidiary of Broadmedia.
2004 Broadmedia launches its commercial fee-based Game-on-Demand beta service using G-cluster technology.
2003 Broadmedia Corporation launches its game business in collaboration with Oy Gamecluster Ltd. of Finland and the test service was initiated.
2001 At E3 in Los Angeles, CA, the first public demonstration of the platform streaming games to a Compaq ipaq devices over Wi-Fi.
2000 Oy Gamecluster Ltd. was founded in Espoo, Finland.
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Press Releases
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G-cluster technology is adopted for Konami's " PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS CONNECT"
March 28, 2013
March 26, 2013
February 21, 2013
February 20, 2013
January 9, 2013
December 27, 2012
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G-cluster at Tokyo Game Show
The Game's on Us!
2013 International Consumer Electronics Show
January 8-11,2013 Las Vegas

Come play with us at CES 2013 in the G-cluster MGM Signature Suite. RSVP to Alexandra Crabb or Shannon Kite-Powell.

G-cluster will launch the first-of-its kind HDMI Game Stick for cloud gaming. Our white label product for cable, wireless and IPTV operators gives subscribers the ability to play casual and AAA games with a plug & play stick into their TV and home Wi-Fi network, without the need for a gaming console. The Game Stick allows customers to play games across devices- not only on the TV, but also on the PC, tablet and smart phone.

Build Partnerships in Cloud Gaming
Cloud Gaming Summit, Europe
February 21-22, 2013, London

Publishers, cloud platforms and telecoms come together to talk partnerships and monetisation in the new era of gaming!

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Erik Piehl
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G-cluster Global Corporation

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